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Choose Your Thoughts like You Choose Your Outfits

February 14, 2019



You're only as strong, beautiful, successful, etc as you think you are.  Thoughts are powerful and I'm sure you've heard, "the mind is a terrible thing to waste" or "you can do anything you THINK you can." Choosing your thoughts makes a huge impact on your growth and potential and there is also another area in your life that could be holding you back.


Firstly, however, take a moment to realize that there are two components of whether or not you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.


Growing up, you may have been told that you are not as good as someone else in a certain academic subject, sport, or talent. This has been your belief for all of your life. After all, you were told this over and over again. You heard people in your environment from parents to teachers that you were not as good as someone else in a certain area. 


On the other hand, you may have been told that you were perfect in a certain subject or area and never really thought to question those parameters. You may think that the bar was set, you reached the goals and that your job is done. This is part of growing up with a fixed mindset.


Secondly are the stories you create as you grow up; you may have judged yourself as someone who is not as good as simply because a statement was made on one occasion. You held onto that belief with no prompting from someone else, yet you continued to carry it into adulthood. Either way, there is no need for blame in either of these situations. As an adult, you are free to re-create your life as you see fit.


Choosing Your Words for Your Self




When a friend comes to you feeling unaccomplished or less than, you more than likely are an encourager – someone who takes their feelings into consideration and lifts them up.


Why not do that for yourself as well. Change your thoughts, change your mind and watch how you talk to yourself as well.  When it comes to yourself, do you beat yourself up, criticize yourself and not give yourself the same break you would give your own friend? Choose kinder words of communicating for yourself and be aware of too much negative self-talk. 


A growth mindset allows you to tell yourself that you did not do as well as you had hoped and also speaks to you that you can and will do better, achieve more. All this without the negative self-talk that comes along with it.


Choosing Your Worlds for Others




In the same manner you would want to speak to yourself with kindness and encouragement in order to foster your potential and development, take that opportunity to foster and encourage the development of another. Instead of making excuses for them, hold them accountable, encourage them to see where they can do better and offer them the possibility of achieving more and doing greater things with their life and with their minds.


When you choose your words carefully, whether to yourself or to others, you make a difference which can then result in making a change.   Words are powerful and just like we are what we eat, YOU are what you THINK


I challenge you to be intentional about the words you use and the thoughts you allow yourself to think.  For 7 days, change the way you think and the words you use for yourself and others and watch you mind shift to a more positive mindset, you'll be more productive, and you'll be inspired to do exactly what you think you can do.


Your friend in your head and in real life too,

Life Strategist KG




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