Cheers to 4 years...Here's what I learned!'s been 4 whole years!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe 4 years has passed by so quickly. I'm so grateful to still be here 4 years later with the same hunger and motivation to inspire and change lives.

Four years ago when I embarked on this journey, you couldn't tell me that I wouldn't be rich by now with a fully automated business making money in my sleep.

First of all, the Innanets (internet) lied. It is way harder to make 30k in 20 days then these internet "moguls" want you to believe.

Second of all, I wouldn't be able to have a personal connection and relationships with my clients if I automated my business and I realized in year 2 that my goals for my business were different.

As a Coach, my desire is to be to someone else what I needed along my journey. Someone who cheers for you without an agenda. Someone who holds you accountable without bias or without allowing YOU to make excuses for YOU. I want to actually talk to my clients and find out what motivates them. What is your WHY? The only way to do that is to go about my business a little different and understand that it will take time, perseverance, consistency, and persistence to create the Coaching practice my legacy can be proud of.

Overall, I'm happy with the progress I've made in these past 4 years. I've published a book!

I've helped several people start businesses!

I've hosted events!


I've partnered with some AMAAAZZZING organization to provide self-care and mental health resources to those who give so much to others!

I've taught people about the benefits of practicing Meditation & mindfulness which is something that CHANGED my life. I believe that this is NEEDED especially in these times of uncertainty.

I have been able to Coach so many women who found their purpose or started that business. I've helped people overcome fears to be more confident which in turn gave them the confidence they needed to write books, start podcasts, become Real Estate Agents, or walk, away from toxic relationships. SO MUCH TRANSFORMATION!

At the end of it all, I want people to share how I helped them, how I inspired them, how I made them feel like they can do anything because we can.


Here is the four things I've learned about business in four years: