Hello Peeps! I hope you’re doing well and creating happiness. I wanted to share some motivation with you today in hopes that if you’re dealing with anything that is holding you back, you will push past it and go and be great.

At the top of last month, a beautiful soul left us and before she left us she left a beautiful & inspiring message. Fashion Blogger. Kyrzayda Rodriguez, impacted many lives with her knack for putting fashionable pieces together, her transparent battle against cancer, and her drive to live life on her terms.

After building a successful blog/platform where she was sought after by several fashion brands, Kyrzayda was living her best life. She had gotten into fitness and shared her fitness videos with her tribe. She was a mother, and so much more. So many people followed her social media and blog and were inspired by not only her fashion but her fight.

It was late 2017 when Kyrzayda shared with her followers that she had been diagnosed with stomach cancer but that she would fight fabulously. She would continue to create content, do the work she loved, and share her journey.

In early September 2018, days before she said her final goodbye, Kyrzayda posted her last Instagram Live in which she left a profound message for us all:

In heartbreaking video she shares some words of wisdom, “Go…Do..Go Do it now!”

It has taken me almost a month to write this blog because to be honest, even though I didn’t know Kyrzayda, I didn’t even follow her. I had friends who followed her and I would see her post often. In the wake of the loss of a very good friend, and then to see this once vibrant and full of life woman lose her fight, it put me in a sad place.

Here we are, taking each moment for granted. Thinking that we have forever to do the things we’re passionate about. Happiness will happen one day. I’ll do it tomorrow, or next year, or when the kids get grown, or whatever excuse we give ourselves to continue to play small.

Some of depend on how others make us feel to determine our level of happiness. We depend on others to validate us never truly validating ourselves.

We allow fear to guide us to do absolutely nothing because we’re afraid of F.ALSE E.VIDENCE. A.PPEARING R.EAL (Fear).

We’re stuck, we make excuses, we focus on the can’t instead of the can’s. WE JUST DON’T DO IT!

This is includes me, there are things that I have been putting off and in a lot of ways I have been playing small. Making excuses and not living up to my true potential.

NO MORE! On today, I declare this to be the day we put in end to the nonsense. NO MORE WAITING! NO MORE EXCUSES! NO MORE PLAYING SMALL!

As you can see, life does have an expiration date and none of us know when that date will be. Don’t allow that date to approach and you’re full of your gifts and talents because you didn’t play full out.

See Kyrzayda, she played full out even up to her last day. She did not allow her circumstances keep her from her purpose. She still put in 100% because she knew that it would impact someone else. Someone who wasn’t fighting cancer, maybe just fighting laziness. Someone who woke up with an excuse on why they couldn’t be great today. “My head hurt.” “I’m tired.” Blah blah blah! All of the reasons we come up with to stop when this young lady had every reason to but she pushed herself to go.

Recently, I have been moved from a place that I was hanging on to even though my growth spurt had come and go. Sometimes we hold on to things because we’re comfortable with them when it’s actually time to level up, let go, and get growing.

We all do it! That job, that relationship, those clothes, and so many other things that we outgrow but still try to squeeze into.

Today I challenge you to take Kyrzayda’s advice and GO…DO..GO AND DO IT TODAY!

I know I am! If this has motivated you get moving but you’re not exactly sure on what steps to take, schedule your free coaching consultation and let’s put a strategy to get you moving today!

Go BE Great!

Your friend in your head and in real life too,

Life Strategist KG

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