Faith Is The Outlook, Not The Outcome!

If you don't have the awesome Sprinkle of Jesus App, you're missing out on some awesome motivation. I don't know about you, but I'm the type of person that I literally have to be hit in the face with things, like the truth, clues, etc. I am not a indirect type of girl so I don't get indirect messages You have to be very direct with me, passiveness get's overlooked by me, it goes right over my head.

I think that God knew this and that is why he gave Dana Chanel, the founder of Sprinkle of Jesus, the idea to create this app that I feel is literally God speaking to me through modern technology. I seriously think that Dana and her team found a way to make the Algorithm for the app, God.

Lately, I've been growing through some challenges and of course when you're dealing with changes, there is fear that creeps in and tries to cloud your judgement and make you have doubt. In one of my moments of of feeling down, My good ole Sprinkle of Jesus app came through with a word!

Faith is not the outcome. Faith is the outlook. ~Sprinkle of Jesus

Honey, I started to think about what was at the core of my doubt and I realized that I was more focused on what the outcome would be and thinking, "Well once I get through this, then I will be okay." I realized that, that mindset was a setup for failure. Because if you get caught up in the outcome, you'll set yourself up for disappointment if the outcome is not what YOU thought it should be. BUT, if you have the right mindset while going through, you'll trust the outcome no matter what.

That was just a message for somebody who needed. Let me break it down again. If you have the right mindset while going through trails, meaning you're faithful that whatever God's will is, you're okay no matter what the outcome is. This means you won't let your trials determine whether or not you're going to smile. You don't let fear back you into a corner or stop you from growing through the challenges. You don't let people stress you out or bring you out of character. You don't stress over whether or not the bills will get paid, or you'll get that new job because you trust God no matter what.

THAT type of faith is easier said than done but if you have it, it will change your life. I can't tell you the burden that was lifted off of my shoulders after I got this message. I had joy in my heart knowing that no matter what the outcome, I'm going to be joyful, positive, and have peace.

This is what I say you today, no matter what your religious background, racial background, socio economic background, or any other determining factors that make up who you are; we all want the same things out of life. We all want happiness, love, peace, & joy. The best way to create this is by creating the type of mindset that push through anything. The keys to success are:

  • Perseverance

  • Positivity

  • Consistency

If you have those three things which are all mental traits, you can achieve anything in life you want to. If you do not possess those three things yet, book your free coaching session and start building the mental strengths you need today to create a tomorrow you can be proud of!

I hope you go out today and be intentional about your day. Set your intention as soon as your feet hit the floor and do everything in your power to see it through!

This is your girl Life Strategist KG signing off and saying, go out and MAKE today GREAT!

Book Your Free Coaching Session and get the tools you need to thrive in life, career/business & relationships!

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