3 Key Tools To Create A Better You

Life can be so hectic with all that we typically have on our plates.  Everyday you’re racing out the door to beat traffic, drop kids off, get to work and struggling to be your best self.  This can leave you feeling overworked, under-appreciated, frustrated, tired, down and out.  We’ve all been there, more than once.  I bought the t-shirt, forgot about and bought it again.

Hi, my name is Kendra and I am the tired club president.

Operating in this space will drain you and keep you from living your best life.  You can’t enjoy or live your best life if you’re operating at less than half of your best self.  Here are 3 simple keys that will help you relax, reset, and refocus without taking too much of your already limited time.

You’re sitting at your desk and an email hit’s your already overloaded inbox from a needy client that reads, “URGENT”.  Immediately your blood rushes to your head, the coffee you drank less than an hour ago no longer has its effect and you just want to scream.  Before you type that nasty email response to your client who thinks that every minuscule need is URGENT, stop.


Take the time to just Pause. Take a moment to breath in the moment and let out all of the negative emotions and energy you’re feeling.  Do this a couple of times to make sure you’ve gotten all of the negativity out of your bones before you proceed.  This will help you calm yourself and rid yourself of the negative energy you feel at that moment.  After you’ve taken the needed amount of breathes to put your mind back at ease, you’re ready for the next step.


Now you’re ready to reflect on the what, why, and how.  What is causing you this stress, anxiety, or negative energy?  Why is it causing you to feel the way you feel and why are you letting it? How should you respond?  By taking the time to reflect, you give yourself time to really think about things from a different perspective, than you would have had before.  You allow yourself the time to think things through and this allows you to refocus your energy in a more positive way.  Ever heard the saying, ‘Think before you_?”  That’s what this step allows you to do, think before you act or speak so that you’re coming from the best possible place at all times.  Now that you’ve taken the time to take a breather and reflect, it’s time to act on YOUR best behalf before you act on anyone else’s.


Before you respond, take the time to pray or meditate.  Whatever you do in your own spiritual time, do that in this moment.  This will give you time to seek spiritual guidance.  This is the best way to ensure that you’re always coming from the best place possible while dealing with life’s issue’s.

In order to live your best life, you’ve got to be your best self.  Like the Snicker’s commercial, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry for good internal vibes.

That’s it!  In those 3 steps, you can create positive vibes at all times.  These steps can help you ensure that you always take a proactive approach instead of being a reactive mess.

Remember the three key steps, PAUSE, PONDER, AND PRAY!

Major Key Alert

Was this helpful for you?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you 🙂

Are you ready to take your 3 P’s to the next level and incorporate coaching into your “Live Your Best Life” regiment?  Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today!

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5 Myths About Goal Planning That’s Keeping You From Growing

A limiting mindset can thwart a great goal but there are other things that could be keeping you stagnant.  In order to be a successful goal getter, you must first believe wholeheartedly that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself and then put foot to pavement and go get your goals. If you’re stuck, you may want to make sure that the 5 myths below are not holding you back.

Myth #1:  Be Realistic About Your Goals.

Wrong!  You are only limited by your beliefs in yourself and your abilities.  The saying the sky is the limit can be as true as you believe it to be.  Don’t limit yourself.  Be unrealistic, be bold and be radical about your goals.  If your goal is to be the first person to walk on the moon wearing high heels while sipping wine, go for it.  Don’t let anyone tell you that your goal is impossible not even yourself.  You can truly do whatever it is you first put your mind to and then follow it up with action.

“You can’t tell big dreams to small minded people. ~Steve Harvey”

Myth #2: Failure means the end of the road for your dream.

I’m glad Bill Gates didn’t let this thinking deter him, especially when his first startup, Traf-O-Data failed.  Bill didn’t take that failure as a sign to hang it up and move on.  He took that failure as a sign to try again and take what he learned the first time around to be more successful the second time.  That thinking is what led him and his partner, Paul Allen, to create Microsoft.  Don’t let failure or delay keep you from accomplishing your goals and living your dreams.  Delay does not equal denial.  Keep pushing, keep planning, keep working most and importantly keep goaling.

Myth #3: You don’t need to be specific about your goals, summarize.

How do you expect to be successful if you don’t even know what that success looks like?  Or how you’re going to get there?  How? How?


Since you haven’t answered I’ll do it for you, YOU WON’T! Get specific about your goals.  Write down EXACTLY what you want and be detailed.  Write down what it will look like, feel like, smell like, etc.  You have to specify exactly what your goal is and why its important that you accomplish it.  How will it make your life different? What steps, changes, and/or actions do you need to take to make it happen? Being specific will help you have clarity about what you want.

Myth #4: Setting goals doesn’t work,  just wing it.

First of all, who raised you?  If you fall into this category of thinking, punch yourself in your throat…go ahead…I’ll wait.  Really, who raised you? I’m just serious.

Seriously, don’t let this be you…please!  We’ve all heard the saying” if you fail to plan then you plan to fail” and if you haven’t before today…you’re welcome.

Just winging it will have you just going through life without a clue as to where you’re going or why you’re headed there.  Just winging it will have you helping somebody else live their dreams while you’re just surviving.  Just winging it will have you looking in the mirror at 50 trying to figure out what happened to all of those hopes and dreams you had at 20, 30 or 40.  If you want to experience extraordinary growth, life and success, get extra motivated to set goals so that you have a road map on those extraordinary things that are going to happen in your life.  Even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned, you’ll still get to your destination with a map.

Myth #5: You don’t have to write your goals down, just keep it all in your head, you got this.

#POW That was from me to you because if you think you won’t need to write your goals down, you need a pow, pow upside your head.  Please!  Please! WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! Be intentional about your goals and the first action step is to start writing.  No excuses, just do it.  I don’t care if you write chicken scratch, you’re the one who will be reading it and you should be able to read your chicken scratch.   You need to be able to have your goals visible to you and also be able to reference and check off the action steps and ultimately your completed goal.  Seeing all of the steps you’ve completed not only gives you a visual of your accomplishments but it also sparks the motivation you need to keep pushing when times get hard.


Did any of these myths sound familiar to you?  Have you been letting any of these beliefs hold you back?  If so, it’s okay.  There’s no better time to start new thinking like the present.  Now that you know that these are myths, do different.  Believe in yourself and your goals.  Don’t limit yourself to only dream up to the ceiling, dream beyond the sky.  Be specific about your goals and your dreams.  Be so specific that you can taste, touch it, see it.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re not an overnight success.  Lastly and most importantly, WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN!

Get your Goaling Journal so that you can write the vision and make it plain!  Get your KG says “Goaling” journal.

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Grow Up To Glow Up

You ever apply for a promotion that you got really excited about?  You prepared for the interview researching the job description.  Planning your responses to possible interview questions.  You picked out your best interview suit, got your hair done and beat your face.

The day of the interview you show up to work early eager to meet with the hiring manager feeling confident about your preparation knowing the job was yours.

When the time for your interview nears, you’re all smiles, saying hello to every person you passed on the way to the conference room in which your interview is scheduled to take place.

You get there, greet the interviewer, get the formalities of introductions and brief summaries out-of-the-way.  Then the interview takes place and again, you’re confident because you’ve researched the role so you know you got this in the bag plus you’re wearing your lucky interview suit.

It doesn’t take long after speaking with the hiring manager that you realize that you applied to an executive level position and you have an entry-level mindset and skill set.  The interviewer gently let’s you down by telling you, “I’m sorry, you’re just not qualified for this position.” Is not until then that you realize you were missing some key requirements for the job like a MBA degree and you only have a certificate of completion rom the typing class you took right before you started with the company.

So you tread back to your work space feeling defeated and ready to quit and try your luck with a new employer but you’re missing the fact that no matter where you go, if you’re not qualified for a high level position which you desire, you’re not going to have much luck with a different employer either. Continue reading “Grow Up To Glow Up”

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Chasing Dreams While Raising kids…How?

I often hear people speak about balance and trying to find it.  Here’s the hard truth, balance does not exist honey bunch, it’s a myth.   Sorry to burst you bubble and shatter your hopes of finding something thats about as easy to find as the mythical unicorn.

As a wife and mom of not 1, not 2, but 5 whole kids, I can honestly tell you with 1000% certainty that there is no such thing as balance.  I know for a fact, especially when you’re trying to manage multiple lives and your own.  It’s time to stop looking for the unicorn that is balance and to start coming up with a strategy to effectively chase your dreams and raise your kids.

For the longest time, I kept putting my goals off and making excuses about why I couldn’t start my business or write my book.  I kept saying it was because I didn’t have “balance.”  It got to the point that I was stagnant and not getting anything accomplished.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, life was continuing to happen around me.

I had to realize that life is NEVER going to stop and wait for Kendra to get out there and live.  There will always be trials and tribulations.  Life will ALWAYS throw you curve balls,  it’s up to you to push through it and make things happen!  Yes, you’re going to have to be the driver of your dreams.

I had to realize that life is NEVER going to stop and wait for Kendra to get out there and live

Don’t let your responsibilities as a parent, provider, chef, taxi, boo boo kisser and monster chaser, keep you from sharing your awesomeness with the world.  Parenthood should never smother who you are meant to be, it should actually make you better and more determined to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

You’re not doing your family any favors by not living in your purpose and settling for the mediocrity that life can offer, to those who are willing to accept it.  Where’s the fun in that?

Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years that’s helped me accomplish the things I set out to accomplish all while killing this thing called parenthood…hopefully 🙂

    • Too often, I’ve seen parents get burned out because they’re trying to be super heroes and do everything for everybody but neglecting themselves.  Trust me, you’re not only doing yourself a disservice but you’re probably not being your best self for your family.  Take some “you” time at least twice a week or more if you can squeeze the time in.  You don’t have to take days at a time, you’ll be surprised how much a 3o min “meditation” break can help boost your spirits or morning coffee and chill moment can get your prepared for the day.  Carve out some time that you can go off in a corner and get some quiet time to reboost your life.
    • As a mother of 5, I had to learn to not get worked up about EVERYTHING.  “OMG, the dishes are not cleaned!”  “OMG, theres laundry to be done.” “Omg, there are dirty boys to clean!”  I used to be that mom that fussed about everything.  It wasn’t until I reached a breaking point and had a breakdown/break through moment.  I realized that me fussing or cussing about everything didn’t change the outcome.  My kids would repeat the same patterns of dropping their clothes, toys, backpacks, etc, right where they stood when they walked through the door.  I would then repeat the pattern of fussing at the culprit, having them pick up the item, getting frustrated only to do it all over again THE NEXT DAY!  One day, instead of fussing, a light bulb went off and I decided to write the kids chores down, implement a incentive program (allowance) that deducted funds based on behavior and cleanliness.  I learned two things, kids love structure and kids love money.  This created a more organized routine for my kids but also made mommy 1 happy camper.
    • As I stated in the last point, kids love structure.  Without it, there’s no organization or blueprint on what’s expected of them.  I can’t tell you how drastically my life changed once I implemented a more structured approach to chores, bedtime routines and life.  I have a chore board that I update weekly.  We know who’s doing what and at the end of the day I check it to make sure the assigned task was completed by the assigned kid.  If not, I deduct money from the weekly allowance and I also make that kid complete the task.  Not only is this teaching them how to have a good work ethic but it also teaches them responsibility and that there are consequences for your actions or lack thereof.
    • I know that your time is limited especially when you have children.  All 5 of my children compete in AAU, rec, school and any other sporting or extracurriculum event you can think of.  We have football, basketball, track, cheerleading and anything else they can wrap their minds around.  This means that I have to be creative, flexible and determined at putting effort towards chasing my dreams.  The good thing is, we live in a age of technology overflowing so I have all of the tools I need to work and grow my business at my fingertips.  While rooting for my son during his basketball game, I also do my social media post.  While waiting on a kid to complete practice, I respond to emails.  When you have a dream, you create a plan and you execute it no matter what.  Be resourceful and determined and you’ll reap the reward.
    • Last but not least, raising kids and chasing dreams can be tiring and just down right disrespectful of your time and energy.  Both are hard jobs but both are extremely rewarding.  Neither is going to be easy and they both will come with their own set of challenges.  As long as you know that the journey will have it’s challenges but if you stick it out, work the goals and stay focused, you will not only raise successful children but you an also live your dreams.  Don’t give up in the hard times.  Press through the trials and you will reap the benefits of working hard at both, chasing dreams and raising kids.



Now that we know that there is no such thing as balance, let’s be intentional about the things we want out of life by taking the time we need to reboot, not sweating the small stuff, create structure, work on your dreams daily,and push through.  Who’s with me?

Did you find this post helpful, drop a line below and let me know what you’ve been putting off and how you’re going to go for it!

Your friend in your head, and real life too,

Life Strategist KG♥


P.S.  Pick up your copy of my book, “Real Tales of a Momprenuer” to find out how I manage my family life while building a business and chasing my dreams.


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5 Reason Your Workout life Can Determine Your Success


I’m just going to jump in and keep it all the way 100% with you.  You will not be as successful as you would like to be, if you don’t make sure your health is where it should be. There is no sugar-coating it.  Your success depends solely on your ability to put in hard work which is going to take stamina and #Pushthrough to make it happen.

I don’t know about you, but I despise exercise.  There are a million other things I’d rather be doing like poking my eyes out with a sharp tool, but as a wife, mom, and boss chick, I can’t afford to NOT make my heath a priority.

If you are going to go hard chasing your goals, which I know you will…right? You have to go hard, hitting the gym.  You can’t have one without the other.  Ever heard the saying, “Your health is your wealth?”  Well guess what?  It’s not just another cliché but actually a proven fact.

Here are 5 reason you should stop talking about getting your fitness game up and actually do it:

It has been clinically proven that health and being active equal’s more energy.  If you want to be successful, it’s going to take energy to get there.  This means no lazy-ass-ness allowed. Some ways to jump-start being more active are:

  1. Take the strains instead of the elevator.
  2. Take a walk after dinner instead of giving in to the “sleep-itis” and laying down.
  3. Get in some morning Yoga
  4. Busy moms, take your baby for a walk putting them to sleep and getting in your steps all at the same damn time.

Putting forth just a little bit more effort can generate just that much more energy you’ll need to go hard accomplishing your goals.  If you’re really feeling pumped, jump into a full-fledged go hard or go home work out and see how much more energy that gets you.  The earlier the better.  You don’t want to be running on 1000 at 10/pm when it’s time to unwind and have your significant other looking at you sideways.  Yep, I’m guilty, sorry babe:)

Reason #2

You’re training for a life marathon not a sprint.  You want to prolong your life and not just extend your time here on earth but also extend your youthful physique and energy for as long as possible.  It’s one thing to live as long as possible but it’s another thing to LIVE life as long as possible as fabulous as possible.  A sure way to sustain a healthy and sexy physique is to change your eating habits and get in the gym. Make that elliptical your b*#@h!  Need a little motivation? Check out the fabulous Ellen Ector, the 63-year-old fitness guru is changing the game baby.  Visual motivation is a great way to see where you aspire to be and Ms. Ellen is my fit-spiration, I can only pray that I am as fabulous at 63 as she is.

Reason #3

I guess we can add a little vanity in here, right?  Get fit because you’ll be on #fleek.  If you look good you’ll feel good and if you feel good you will operate at your highest potential.  Looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside will boost your confidence.  Confidence is key to accomplishing your goals.  Whether it be getting ready to run a marathon or starting a new business, you’re going to have to be confident going into it so that you can get the best results out of it.  So reason #3 is do it because you’ll be sexy.  Have you seen some of those fit chicks on Instagram?  They make me want to get my whole life and put down that extra glass of red wine!  Get your body and your health on #fleek so that your life can be on #fleek.

Reason #4

Get your whole mind right!  Being fit and healthy has been linked to helping improve symptoms from mental health issues.  I don’t know about you but I know that after I’ve had a stressful day, a good workout can erase the effects of that day and even put me in a better mood.  Exercise has been said to give you “feel good” endorphin’s. Feeling down? Run.  Got the winter blues? Hit that elliptical .  Get your health right and get your mind right!

Reason #5

Just Do it! Get fit and healthy because it’s good for you.  It’s good for your life and it’s good for the goals you’re about to tackle.  You’re going to need stamina to stay in the game and finish strong.  You’re going to need muscle to push through the hard times and you’re going to need the energy to get up and go get it, whatever “it” is.  Just do it, just get up off your ass and do it.  When you’re feeling lazy after a long day, push through and get in some physical activity. You’re going to need all of the energy you can get to get to the most out of life in general, but more specifically, to get to the next level in YOUR life.  Don’t make excuses make time to do your best and live your best life.  

At the end of it all, you’ll look good, feel good and do good!

Are you ready to get off your butt and make stuff happen?  Ready to start but don’t have a clue where to begin?  Don’t worry, your personal accountability partner is right here.  Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today to see how I can take you from couch potatoes to fleeky goal getter.

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Got Dreams? Be Ready To Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk!

The saying is true,

your dreams will never breathe unless you breathe life into them
.  A lot of times, we sit back and wait on things to happen for us, until we realize, ain’t ish in this world free (for real, in real life) and nothing just happens, you make ish happen.

So here is a disclaimer, I am a straight to the point, no chaser type of girl.  I will tell you like it is no sugar added.  Sometimes you need that person that is going to keep it real with you and not agree with everything you say.

The real tea is, you won’t be successful unless you put in the work.  Only you know your vision and what you want to accomplish and how you want to get there.  Sometimes, you can have all of the vision and not know the path.  That is where a lot of us, myself included, get stuck.

You get stuck in that vision/creative space, meanwhile, no work is getting done so that is exactly where your dream stays, in the vision space.

There are so many poor lost dreams just waiting to come to life.  You were not put here to be average or to just live to work and pay bills, you were put here to be extraordinary, to do big things, and to see great things come to fruition.

It’s never too late!  There is no better time than now and guess what?  You’ve got a new best friend who will not only keep it real with you, but who will also give you guidance.  I will help you plan and strategically plan what your next move should be, to make that thing that you put aside years ago, a reality.

Check out my 30 day coaching special, get 1 month of coaching for half the cost of 1 session.  You will get 2 virtual coaching sessions that we can fit into your schedule, tools and resources such as a goal journal, guides and checklist to help keep you on track and best of all, you get me Kendra G., your very own Life Strategist/new best friend, to help you along the way.

I have no problem rolling up my sleeves and helping you dig into the work. We all need a friend like that, right?  Get your goaling journal to first write your goals down and contact me for a free 30 minute Clarity Call.  I can’t wait to talk to you!


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