I did It, I finally took the leap!

Yep, I finally followed my own advice and took another step outside of my comfort zone.  From the beginning of this journey, I knew that I wanted to be able to connect with my audience on a more intimate level and now, I can.

I’ve been putting off creating my YouTube account for months.  Why you ask?  Well, a number of reason or shall I say “excuses”.  Like to hear them? Here they go:

  1. My first excuse is that I did not have the necessary equipment.
    • Sounds like a legit excuse, right? Well is not. I, like much other human living in the 21st century, have access to so many technological devices that it’s sometimes sickening.  I have a smart phone, camera’s, laptops, etc.  I may not have the latest equipment used by the most experienced YouTubers but I have everything I need to get started.  Thumbs down to excuse numero uno!
  2. I’m going to do it when I get the time.
    • Hello to excuse number 2! So here’s the thing, I’m a mom people!  There is no such thing as time because lord knows if I find any, my kids will find a way to monopolize it.  This is a common excuse that I hear most people make and guess what? It’s just as poor an excuse as numero uno.  There is no such thing as “when I get time” it’s called “making the time.”  We make time for the things we want the most.
  3. My most used excuse and I know that all of my sister friends out there will relate; I have to get my hair done first and my face beat!
    • Yes, I used this, don’t judge me.  I’m like most women out there, I am not about to get on nobody’s camera looking a mess.  But…I don’t need to wait until I can get a glam squad together to connect with my peeps so this excuse gets the biggest thumbs down.

What all boils down to is that I was afraid.  As an introverted extrovert, putting myself out there like this scares my eyebrows off.  I do good with connecting with people but I am still kind of the awkward chick in a room full of people I don’t know, hell even people I do know.  I’ve always been this way, as a matter of fact, when I was younger I was extremely shy.  I was forced out of my shell when I was in middle school and saw how shy girls got picked on by the mean girls.  Not today Satan, I put that shy chick to the side real quick to let them know I wasn’t going.  Sometimes, that shy girl peeks her head especially in situations like this.

So there you have it, all of my excuses and the REAL reason why it took me so long to take this leap.

I’ve jumped out of the box now and there’s no going back.  I’m excited and nervous about this new addition but I know that it’s all for a purpose and a plan and that’s to connect with you, and you, and you, and you!

So don’t just sit there, click the link below and subscribe to my channel, turn on the post notifications so that you don’t miss a beat and don’t forget to leave me plenty of comments.

I’ll be uploading at least once weekly.  I don’t know if I’m going to call it #askKG or #realtalkwithKG , hit me up on social and let me know which one you like.

Until next time, your friend in your head and in real life too,

Life Strategist KG♥

P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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