Let’s Werk! 5 Things I learned From Confessions of a Werkaholic

When I say this month has been uber busy!  Between work, my family and my WERK (my business), I have been werking over, overtime hunty!

I did take the time to read my November reading pick.  I believe that in order to grow you must expand your knowledge through reading.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a books or listened to an audiobook where it was full of information I already knew but to get it from a different perspective helped me to see it clearer which helped me to successfully implement the principals into my life better.

This book is a little different because I came away with a lot of new tools to add to the arsenal and it double’s as a workbook to help you take action.  I learned so much and got inspired!  Koereyelle got my whole life with this book!

I would love to share everything I learned but that would just ruin it for you so I’ll share 5 major lessons that I took away from ‘Confessions of A Werkaholic’.

Be Bold with your Imagination!

Koereyelle writes about using your imagination to think about what your dream life looks like to you.  She talks about imagining every detail from how you would start your morning to how you would end your day.  She gives a really great example by describing her dream day down to her future husband and kids.  This helps her to keep her “why” at the forefront.

I completely agree with Koereyelle on this.  You have to know why you’re working so hard and what your end result will look like.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about giving up because it got tough or because I wasn’t receiving the response or results I wanted but, then I think about my dream day and how I want to feel at the end of the day, and I get back to werk.

This thing called life isn’t easy. Add to that being a wife, mother and newbie entrepreneur to the mix and whoa baby you’re in for a ride. There are days that I think it would be easier if I just wanted to be regular.  The fact of the matter is that I’m an extraordinary woman who wants to help other extraordinary people do amazing things.  For that reason, along with my family and the type of life I want to live, are my “why”.

So get all into it!  Dig deep and really imagine what your dream life looks, feels and sounds like.

Less is best!

Koereyelle did a really great job talking about taking a leap of faith before you have everything perfect.  In Chapter 5 she writes about ‘Werk from the Web’ and some simple tools you’ll need to get started.

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve worked with who were holding themselves back from leaping because they didn’t have a website or a logo or this or that.  I learned this early on.  Everything does not have to be perfect in order for you to start.  You can start and build what you need as you go.  If you’re confident in your abilities and good at your craft, people will come.  I’m sure there are a ton of dreams out there sitting on a shelf somewhere because the dreamer is afraid to jump.  That’s all this is, a fear of leaping.  As long as you’re waiting for the perfect start, you’ll never begin.

Less is best, just leap!

Be a Social Media Socialite!

Okay I knew this one and I’m a work in progress in this area.  What I didn’t have was the tools Koereyelle included in her book to help you be intentional about your social media growth.  Did I mention that the book is also a workbook?  Child!  She was not playing with us!  She gave us the info and then the tools to put what we learned into action.  I think that Koereyelle was pulling from her past life as a teacher on us.

Basically in this chapter Koereyelle talks about how to organically grow your social media following by being organic.  This means NO AUTO RESPONDERS!  I can’t tell you how much I hate when I receive a message from someone on social media that’s not organic but an auto responder, uggghhhh!  I completely understand wanting to automate as much of your processes as possible to free up time for other task; however, putting your comments and messages on automation, for me, takes the real out of the connection and immediately I’m turned off.

Don’t do it people!  Be genuine, be intentional and plan your social media strategy.  I think that Koereyelle knows a thing or two about growing your social media considering that she has over 30k followers on Instagram alone.

Giving is rewarding!

There is a chapter in the book where Koereyelle talks about why it’s good to be a giver, especially when building a brand/business.  Giving away free services or free tools can actually grow your business.  Giving is a way to show people what you know and your abilities.

By giving you are sowing seeds that could come back to you by way of client testimonials, speaking engagements, and/or hosting opportunities just to name a few.

Free can turn into paid opportunities if you do a good job. Per Koereyelle, “Don’t be afraid of free!”

Someone’s Always Watching so Werk!

One of the most important lesson’s I learned from Confessions is that you have to be mindful of who’s watching you.  You never know who is watching you and who has the ability to take your business or your life to the next level.  That is why it’s important to always be on your A-game. Always put your best foot forward and always put in that WERK!

This book was full of great tools, wisdom, and opportunities to take action with the worksheet pages.   If you’re not werking now, I can guarantee that you will be after you read it.

Do your life a favor and pick up your copy of ‘Confessions of a Werkaholic’ ASAP, your success depends on it!



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Koereyelle Dubose
Author of Confessions of a Werkaholic

Koereylle is an author, International Speaker, and Serial Entrepreneur! She’s created networks that encourage, empower and help women realize their purpose but most importantly Werk in their purpose.


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