Why She So Extra?

YOU CAN’T BE ORDINARY EXPECTING EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS.  If you’re okay with being mediocre, be okay with receiving mediocre results.  Yes, it’s that simple.
Extraordinary takes just a little bit EXTRA to get results that will blow your mind.  This can be applied to everything in life:
  1. Careers
  2. relationships
  3. fitness
  4. appearance
I’m guilty of settling for mediocrity because to be extraordinary requires EXTRA work.  I want HGTV living but to have it takes EXTRA TIME, EXTRA MONEY, and EXTRA EFFORT.
I want EXTRAORDINARY results in my business but to get it takes EXTRA EFFORT, TIME AND MONEY.
You see the thing is if you want more it requires you to do more.  For the longest, I’ve been trying to pinpoint why is it that I’m not getting any results or the results I want in my life?
Why are my relationships stagnant?  I have the greatest friend when I’m with my friends but that absence and space creates distance.  I realized that it was because of the lack of effort that I’ve been putting in.  This has impacted my entire life.  My relationships, my fitness goals, my business goals and even my parenting goals.  I’ve been guilty of doing just enough!  Just enough to get by, enough to say, Hey, I did that.  Enough to keep my family and friends around.  My motto was “JUST ENOUGH!”
It’s time to get out of this idea that just enough will get us EXTRAordinary results.  It’s time to realize that in order to live the life that we want.  The life that we dream about and envision, that LIFE.  That HGTV home life.  That Obama love that we want.  That AMAZING business that we want to build.  The Relationships that give us that energy to push through.  Those AWESOME kids that we want to raise.  ALL OF THAT, IS GOING TO TAKE ALLL OF US.
So I’m ready.  I’m ready to step out of the mediocre box and step into the EXTRAORDINARY unlimited possibilities that await me.  Are you?
I urge you to step it up.  It’s time for us to stop admiring those who are EXTRA and go and be EXTRA with them.
Join the #30BeExtra challenge with me and many other dream chasers and watch your life change in 30 days.  it takes 21 days to create a new habit, why not go the EXTRA mile and make it 30!
Check out my latest YouTube Video below on being EXTRAordinary!
Let’s be EXTRA together about the things in our lives that want to see grow and flourish, be it fitness, career goals, relationships, or whatever, let’s motivate each other to be extra with the 30 day #BeExtra Challenge!
Be intentional, be GREAT, be EXTRA!
Life Strategist KG♥
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No Lazy-ass-ness! Why you’re not relationship material

Remember when P. Diddy came up with the saying “no b&**h ass-ness” to deter anyone who was not on some “get money” type attitude from coming his way?  Well that’s how I’m feeling right now about some of the lazy  ass attitudes but still feel entitled to success, type of people.

How do you expect to the be successful in life in general with a lazy ass attitude?  I think we often forget the saying, “you get back what you put out.”  The reason we don’t want to think about that is because it calls for us to reflect on ourselves and look at what we’re doing or not doing to cause us to get the results we don’t want.

You want #relationshipgoals but you don’t have relationship work ethic.  You want your girl to treat you like a King, cater to you and make you feel like the man, but you won’t keep gas in her car, keep the trash taken out, or pay bills. You know, man ish.  You want your man to upgrade you, make you feel like a queen, be your Jay Z but yet you still have a low budget attitude, won’t clean, and don’t know how to cook.  Remember, you get back what you put in.  If you want a man or woman of substance, that’s going to add to your life and not drain you of your energy, you have to be that in return.

There is no way in hell a real man or real woman is going to keep putting up with mediocrity when it comes to their relationship when they have something to bring to the table.   You want to be treated like you are the world but you make them feel like they’re just one of their options.  The game don’t work like that…not for long anyway.  You might get by on your cuteness for a short period of time but when you’re a whole grown adult, that quickly wears off.

We have to stop these lazy ass entitled attitudes that so many of us have grown to accept.  If you want a real, healthy, happy ,relationship, you’re going to have to work for it.  Not just with your significant other but on yourself as well.  None of us are perfect, we should all be constantly seeking growth and evolution from within.  The only way to elevate is to outgrow your current level.  Sometimes that means you outgrow people that you thought would be your forever.  This especially happens when you get into relationships at a really young age and you start to grow and develop into totally different adults.

So stop being lazy when it comes to the things you want, be it, a happy, healthy relationship, a great career, or to start/grow your business.  In order to get and experience things a the highest level you have to be willing to put in the work and elevate yourself to the highest level.

So go be great, work hard, and truly be the person who attracts positive things into your life.  A great read to help with this is “The Wait” by Megan Good and Devon Franklin. In the book they discuss how getting caught up in the wrong relationship’s and focusing on the wrong things can prolong you getting to the one.  Do your due diligence and be the person you would want to date, love, and marry.

P.S. Stop with this #relationshipgoals mess too.  People out here wishing for something they don’t even know what they wishing for.  Don’t know what it took for those people to put on those smiles or to get to the point of where they re now.  Make your own relationship goals. 

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